Lousy Grundig TV and Customer Service

The Grundig I've had for less than 6 months has broken down and I can't get anyone to fix it because the service agent (United Electrical and Bush in Australia) does not answer e-mails or follow-up calls. It has been 4 days now and three attempts to get my warranty honoured.

This follows 5 calls and two e-mails (unanswered) when I first bought the TV last November to get the wall mounting right (it now hangs on the wall with half the stand still attached, because no one could or would tell me how to remove it- not a good look).

Therefore, my rating is that not only is the Grundig product of poor and unreliable quality but customer after-sales services is non-existent. Apparently they do not think it necessary to honour warranties. Don't buy this brand.



third time here when trying to read a best buy complaint...


again to the same spot?

pissed consumer, when a person on your site clicks on a link to view a specific complaint, they should be taken to that complaint, not another complaint.

this is happening repeatedly, and i can assume that it is intentionally done so you can try to show that you get a lot of traffic.

dude! that sucks! fix it so i can view the complaint i click on!!!


dude pissed consumer what the heck are you doing?

everytime i click on a link, i get redirected to a place i don't want to go, like carmax and this place.

this has already happened 11 times so i assume it is intentional.

is this your way of trying to get hits? pissed consumer, you need to fix this cause this sucks!

Grundig Eton S 350 DL G4000A

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I purchased a Grundig S350DL table radio through Grundig/Eton of Palo Alto CA. The radio they sent was GARBAGE! The knobs were loos or falling off, the LCD display was clearly defective...some segments of the digits did not light up very well and the customer service manager IS arrogant! They sent another one, which seemed like the same radio...screwed up LCD display and, loose tuning knob.

I then changed to a different model, the Grundig G4000A.

What I got was a bent antenna, fingernail gouges in the leather case, lower volume in the right channel with stereo headphones, VERY noisy PLL(tuning) circuitry and earbuds with, YES...EARWAX on them.

These people are a JOKE!

DO NOT BUY GRUNDIG ETON PRODUCTS. O.K., do what you will, but for an extra 30-40 bucks you could easily get into a Sangean or CC Radio+(plus), maybe a Sony which is FAR better equipment than the ETON dollar store GARBAGE!!!!

Review about: S 350 Dl.



Ditto!I got mine @ Radio Shack.

It was new. The tuner was OK, I sent in the card yet lost the receipt. A couple months before the warranty expired it screws up. Could be a nice radio but they won't do anything without sending them the original receipt.

Grundig is no longer Grundig. China? No supposed to be Germany. Grundig bankrupt in 2003.

now just a name to snare suckers like me.:(

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